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Celebrate Banned Book Week with a #ReadFree Challenge!

How many Banned Books have you read?

Books are banned for multiple reasons. Some bookstores and libraries have shelves that help readers find them easily, while you have to do more research on others. According to the American Library Association’s (ALA) website, “Books usually are challenged with the best intentions—to protect others, frequently children, from difficult ideas and information.” Each year there are new books added to the list, and as a result classic literary works are being removed from educational institutions and school districts. Burbrella Microschool values literacy and supports the idea that people should be able to read what they want. Books affect the way we receive information, learn history, and shape our identities. We encourage our learning community to become critical thinkers. Having access to books allows us to navigate new and opposing ideas. Learn as much information as you can, then choose what information resonates with you.

Saturday, October 7th is “Let Freedom Read Day”. Learners, parents, and educators…. Let’s celebrate with a #ReadFree Challenge! Find a banned book! It can be a book you’ve previously read, or a new book. You can visit the local library, bookstore, or online store.

Answer these three questions: 1) Why was the book you chose banned? 2) Where is it banned? 3) Who made the decision to ban it?

Post what you find on social media using the hashtag #ReadFree. Let us know what you learned about banned books!

Click the picture to learn more about "Let Freedom Read Day"!

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