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Semifinalists For the Yass Prize Will Be Announced at the 2023 Yass Summit

Please tune in Tuesday, 10/10, at 8pm ET, to watch LIVE as the 32 Yass Prize Semifinalists

be announced at the 2023 Yass Summit. The event is being held at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, OH.

The $1 Million Yass Prize celebrates the country’s education provider which best demonstrates the STOP principles. In conjunction with The Yass Prize, the STOP Awards initiative provides over $20 million in support annually to honor educators who achieve excellence.

The Yass Foundation for Education advances the four core STOP principles: Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding, and Permissionless education. Each year, the Foundation will reward dozens of organizations, building a growing network of innovative providers that demonstrate these qualities in their commitment to new ideas, technologies, and approaches to learning that bring education into the 21st century. The Foundation is powered by the Center for Education Reform (CER) in partnership with Forbes.

Thank you in advance for joining us! Thank you to our Burbrella Microschool community for supporting our journey so far!

View the Semifinalists announcement here at 8pm EST.

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