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A Holistic and Nurturing Microschool Network 

Burbrella Microschool is a Semifinalist for the $1 million dollar Yass Prize. Join an award winning Microschool community that personalizes education for all! 


Revitalizing Education through 21st Century Learning

    Burbrella Learning Academy Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) Microschool network revitalizing education across 18 states. Burbrella Microschools are Holistic & Nurturing non traditional learning environments that personalizes education through STEAM, Nature, Play, and Project Based Learning.


     Burbrella Microschools currently offer a K-5 private microschool in Burlington, NC and a Prek-Grade 12 online microschool.

Schools Mission, Vision, Goals and Believes


    Burbrella Learning Academy Inc. is committed to fostering educational excellence and maximizing the potential of every child by partnering with community stakeholders to create innovative and inclusive non traditional learning environments.


Our schools create a dynamic and inclusive learning community that empowers students to discover their passions, reach their fullest potential, and become compassionate, responsible global citizens. We strive to provide a nurturing environment where creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration thrive, fostering lifelong learners who embrace diversity and positively impact the world around them.


1. Provide families with a personalized non traditional educational experience for their children in grades prek-12th grade. 

2. Enhance the private online microschool to service families along the west coast and expand online in another country.

3. Scale our sustainable learning model to 18 microschools.


We believe all children have the ability to learn in a personalized learning environment. 

We believe 21 century learning skills like collaboration, community, and critical thinking enhances the learning environment.

We believe STEAM, Nature, Play and Project based learning enhances student engagement and involvement in the learning environment.

We believe the community plays a major role in enhancing education for all children and their families.

School News & Updates

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Community Partners 

Life & Culture

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