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How many learners are in each class?

Burbrella microschools believes in order to personalize learning it is important for guides to have a small group of learners to work with. Our pods will have no more than 12-15 learners in each pod. 

Will my child have access to a teacher daily?

Both in person and online microschools are led by guides who are eager and excited to meet your learners.

What if my child has a specific learning need?

Burbrella microschools are prepared to work with autistic, neurodivergent, dyslexic, and gifted and talented learners in all of our schools. Our guides are educators who have experience personalizing and differentiating instruction for learners.

What curriculum is used at Burbrella?

Burbrella uses a Burbrella learning curriculum for every grade level designed by the microschool network team of innovation & instruction. This curriculum uses the national learning standards, along side children development standards and burbrellas learning approaches of STEAM, Nature, Play and Project based learning.

What are important admission dates I should be aware of?

Fall Semester Admission Dates : June 1, 2023-September 22, 2023
Spring Semester Admission Dates : September 22, 2023 -Feb 2, 2024
2024-2025 Waitlist Opens: December 1, 2023
2024-2025 Enrollment Begins March 1, 2024

What makes burbrella different then other private independent schools?

Burbrella schools operate as microschools allows us to focus on developing skills within learners based on their personalized learning needs and interest. We integrate a hands on approach to learning that incorporates STEAM, Nature, play and project based learning. We pride ourselves in providing a warm, holistic, and nurturing approach to innovative education.

How does burbrella engage parents?

Parents are partners at burbrella we believe every parent should be apart of the learning experience and provide opportunities for this to occur through our parent guide program (parents can be hired as teachers), our pto (parent teacher organization), and class parent partnership. We also host monthly events for parents and families.

Does every child really get a personalized learning plan?

Burbrella is happy to offer every learner a personalized learning plan report based on data from the woodcock johnson assessment, I-ready diagnostics , teacher observations, and parent information.

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