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Burbrella Microschools are one of the top performing innovative schools in 2023!

In September 2023 Burbrella microschools were selected out of 2700 other schools across the country to become a quarter finalist for the $1 million dollar yass prize, a prestigious award given to the countries top innovative schools. Burbrella went on to become a semifinalist for the $1 million dollar yass prize and was rewarded with $200,000 in December 2023. 

" Every child deserves a personalized education and burbrella creates the plan for families from prek-Grade 12"
Dominque Burgess

Burbrella offers families a private online microschool with daily live instruction and an in person campus in Burlington, NC. Burbrella's online microschool services families in 18 states. All microschools have the same grade level program structure that operates in pods. Some grade level offerings may vary depending on campus location.

Play Based Pathway
Prek-Grade 2

A play based early learning program that develops the social emotional skills along side building the academic integrity of early learners. 

This school design structure was created based on academic research and four years of student learning data at burbrella.

STEM Based
3-5th Grade 

Our STEM program was designed to integrate skills based and competency  based learning in order to develop a love for learning, and a real life perspective of learning for 3rd-5th graders. The approach to learning in this program connects to learning standards taught through everyday life skills.

Project Based 
6-8th Grade

The middle school program at our microschools were designed to support learners with the social emotional support needed in building an identity, building independency and also an understanding of the world around them through a hands on approach. This program combines STEAM based learning with standards in order to develop projects to enhance academic skills.

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College, Career
Entrepreneurial Based 
High School

  Our Hybrid College, Career & Entrepreneurial-Based curriculum empowers high schoolers with the skills and mindset crucial for success in the 21st century. Recognizing the uniqueness of each student, our program offers personalized learning paths, whether one is pursuing higher education, entering the workforce, or exploring entrepreneurial ventures. This comprehensive approach equips students with a diverse skill set, critical thinking abilities, and the confidence to navigate their chosen path. 


Burbrella Learning Academy Microschools



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