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     " Families should have a choice in where their children go to school; and every child deserves a personalized learning experience when they get there" 
                - Dominque Burgess

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Meet Our Founder Dominque Burgess 

     Dominique Burgess is the dedicated Head of Schools and Founder of Burbrella Learning Academy Inc. With an impressive 14-year career in education, she brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and a genuine passion for creating dynamic learning environments. Dominque's journey in education is uniquely rooted in her experiences as a homeschooling mother of two and a former teacher and school leader. 

       As a homeschooling mom, Dominque deeply understands the needs of children. She knows that every child deserves a warm, nurturing, and inclusive educational environment. Her own experience in homeschooling her children inspired her to explore a different approach to learning with high expectations like any other educational environment, she values individuality and celebrates the diversity of learning styles.

      Dominque's early years were marked by a significant educational decision made by her family, she attended school in a higher income area as opposed to attending the local elementary school with her friends in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, NY.  This choice, while challenging for Dominque, ignited a powerful educational philosophy within her. She believes that access to a high-quality education should not be a privilege for a few but a right for all.

It's this belief that drives Dominque's mission at Burbrella Learning Academy Inc.

     Her goal is to change the landscape of education, to make it more inclusive, dynamic, and focused on the unique needs of every child. Her educational philosophy is rooted in the belief that learning is not confined to the four walls of a classroom. Learning is an exploration, an adventure, and an integral part of life. 

     Dominque's passion is to make children realize that learning is not only fun but that it is life. She envisions an educational journey where children are empowered to seek knowledge inside and outside the classroom. Her commitment to fostering a love for learning and a curiosity for the world is at the heart of Burbrella Learning Academy Inc.'s innovative approach to education.

     Dominque Burgess is more than an educator; she is a visionary who is reshaping the future of education. Through her leadership, Burbrella Learning Academy Inc. stands as a testament to the belief that every child deserves the opportunity to discover the joy of learning and that learning is a lifelong adventure worth embarking upon.

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B.A. Psychology , LIU Brooklyn 2013

M.S. ED Early Childhood Education, LIU Brooklyn 2015

M.S. ED Curriculum & Instruction, Concordia University Portland 2017

M.S. ED School Administration , Gardner Webb University 2021

NC Field Coordinator, National Microschooling Center 2023

NC Community Connector, VELA Education 2023

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