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Personalized Learning

Burbrella Online Microschool personalizes learning for each learner. Data is collected via the I-ready Diagnostic implemented 3 times throughout the year. This data is used by Burbrella teachers to place learners in their pods and to select which skills are needed to be reviewed and taught.

Community &

Burbrella Online Microschool provides community for learners through showcase presentations, parent check-ins, talent shows, co-ops field trips, and social clubs. Burbrella also provides socialization opportunities for families through PTO meetings, monthly parent meetings, and more.

Engaging Lessons

Burbrella Online Microschool teachers pride themselves in providing engaging hands on lessons to learners from prek-grade 8. Classes include, Math, Reading, History, STEAM, entrepreneurship, chess and more. Each class determines the learning pod your learner enrolls in.

Burbrella Online Microschool

Burbrella Online Microschool offers live instruction on a weekly basis during the fall (Sept - Dec) and spring (Jan - May) semester. Each class operates as a small pod with 10-15 learners. Class learning content is designed using the burbrella learning approaches of STEAM, nature, play and project based learning with the integration of learning skills. Learning skills for each grade level are pulled from the core learning standards. Parents are provided with progress reports and data review sheets throughout the semester during parent checkins.

Classes Offered: 

K-8th Grade learners will take Math, Reading/Writing, STEAM, and History classes during the 2023-2024 school year,

Burbrella's Online Microschool, Playful Pathways Preschool Program, is an innovative educational platform designed to spark the curiosity and creativity of preschoolers through immersive STEAM learning, nature, play, and project-based exploration. This dynamic program seamlessly integrates these elements to cultivate a holistic approach to early childhood education. Through hands-on activities, interactive lessons, and guided projects, children are encouraged to explore the wonders of the natural world, engage in scientific inquiry, embrace artistic expression, and develop critical thinking skills. By blending the realms of STEAM education, nature-inspired learning, and project-based methods, Burbrella's program fosters a love for learning while nurturing young minds to become confident, inquisitive, and adaptable learners.

Ages 3-4 years old *Parents/Guardians Must be available during live instruction


Check out how we build community virtually at Burbrella!

Burbrella Learning Academy Microschools



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