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Innovative Learning From Anywhere

Online Learning with In-Person Community


Burbrella Online Microschool provides a personalized and innovative educational experience with the flexibility of online learning. Our small class sizes ensure that each learner receives individualized attention and support. We employ cutting-edge approaches to learning, fostering critical thinking and creativity.

Our microschool offers live instruction on a weekly basis during the fall (September - December) and spring (January - June) semesters. In addition to rigorous academics, learners have the opportunity to participate in social clubs, in person meet ups, and world weeks of fun in order to build strong connections with peers and enhancing their social skills in a virtual environment.

At Burbrella Online Microschool, we are dedicated to nurturing each child's unique potential and preparing them for a bright future. Join us for an engaging and transformative educational journey!

Learning Pods 

Screen Shot 2023-12-10 at 6.36_edited.jpg

Play Based Preschool

Screen Shot 2023-11-28 at 5.49_edited.jpg

9th-12th Learning Pod


K-2 Learning Pod

Screen Shot 2024-05-31 at 9.46.29 AM.png

3rd-5th Grade Pod

Screen Shot 2024-03-19 at 11.28_edited.jpg

6th-8th Learning Pod 

Burbrella Online Microschool provides community for learners through showcase presentations, parent check-ins, talent shows, co-ops field trips, and social clubs. Burbrella also provides socialization opportunities for families through PTO meetings, monthly parent meetings, and more.

  • Live Core Classes (English Language Arts (phonics, reading, writing), Math, STEM, History)

  • Asynchronous Assignments

  • Social Clubs

  • Virtual & In Person Field Trips 

  • Online Program Access (I-Ready, Zearn etc)

  • Parent Check-Ins (every 6 weeks)

  • Learning Disability Accommodations (speech therapy etc)

  • Progress Reports/Report Cards 

  • Full Time Enrollment 

  • Projects

  • School Events (Science Fair , Spelling Bee, Art Contest etc.)

Online Homeschool


Online Full 

  • Live Core Classes (English Language Arts (phonics, reading, writing), Math, STEM, History)

  • Asynchronous Assignments

  • Social Clubs

  • Online Program Access (I-Ready, Zearn etc)

  • Semesterly Check-Ins

  • Projects

Additional program offers are available via an a la carte model

What Makes Us Different?

Check out how we build community virtually at Burbrella!

Admissions Process


Families are invited to complete the enrollment application and pay registration fees to ensure their learners have a seat during the 2024-2025 school year.

Complete Tour
Family Interview

Tours are available by appointment only during the school year and during admissions and enrollment open houses.

Important Dates

Check back between March 1-June 1 for 2024-2025 school schedule, calendar, supply list and more.

Families  must submit registration fees and submit all documents by March 1 for early admissions. 

Regular Admissions

March 2-June 1

Tuition and Fees

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