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Timeless School Models for the 21st Century

Tomorrow you can catch Burbrella's Head of Schools live on the Forbes panel, read an excerpt from the Yass Prize below for more details.

COVID shed light on the role that individualized learning environments play in the K12 sphere, giving parents greater agency and tangible options for their students. Five of our esteemed #YassPrize semifinalists will explore this development during the #YassPrize Semifinal Showcase’s “Timeliness School Models for the 21st Century” discussion session. Tune in tomorrow at 12 PM EST to live stream the full Showcase.

Dr. Jason Bransford, Gem Innovation Schools

Dominique Burgess, Burbrella Learning Academy Inc

Jim Donahue, Old Sturbridge Academy

Dr. Josh Herring, Thales Academy

Ayana Verdi, The Verdi EcoSchool

Cory Steiner, Northern Cass School District #97

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